Prenatal Yoga: Second Trimester

The second trimester is the continuation of this wonderful journey into motherhood. Your are no longer experiencing morning sickness as much as you may have in the first trimester. Your belly is growing, however you can still move around freely. It is the perfect time to get into "the flow" of your pregnancy and begin to attend prenatal yoga classes.

Prenatal Yoga has many benefits that go beyond making you feel physically comfortable. Another big benefit is that of connectedness, that of community. It's the only forum besides your hospital visits where you can meet and interact with other pregnant women.

The sense of community and support is one of the major benefits of prenatal yoga. This goes way beyond the physical part of the practice.

 Morning sickness

Your morning sickness should have reduced by now, or have completely disappeared. If not, continue to take it easy on your body. Practice relaxation techniques to calm your digestive system. Don't push yourself and your body.

 Going public

During your second trimester, even though you are not showing yet, it is important to advise the yoga teacher that you are pregnant and at what stage of your pregnancy you are at so that she can assist you in modifying poses and explain the type of adjustments they can give you.

 New students to yoga

The second trimester is the perfect time to start. Find a prenatal yoga class with an experienced and certified teacher. Many women will come to yoga for the first time during their pregnancy, so don't worry that you will be alone.

 Experienced yoga students

There is no reason to give up your regular classes, however some of you may be feeling that you want a deeper practice to complement and offset some of your other gym practices that you may have to stop.

For those that feel strong and are able to incorporate your own modifications in poses that are not always the easiest with a large belly, the more challenging physical practice of vinyasa would be appropriate.

One amazing benefit you get from attending prenatal yoga classes, however, is the chance to meet and share your experiences with other pregnant women which creates an invaluable support network outside of your hospital visits.

 Yoga at home

Even though you may be an active home yoga practitioner, you will want to attend a prenatal yoga class once or twice a week for the support and the energy that the community in these classes can foster.

When you do practice at home, be sure to include a modified prenatal sun salutation before you begin your postures.

Many prenatal modifications allow a developing belly the space it needs to grow and prevent compression of the uterus. A woman's belly size can vary in the second trimester and the uterus is no longer protected by the pelvis, so you are going to need to start modifying your poses accordingly.  

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