Tripadvisor says Amsterdam canal cruise is best activity in the world

Tripadvisor says Amsterdam canal cruise is best activity in the world

It’s something tourists from all over the world flock to Amsterdam to experience and enjoy: the canals. While many will likely agree a canal cruise is a pretty great way to explore the city, Tripadvisor users have gone one step further, rating an open boat canal cruise as the number one traveller activity in the world!

Open boat canal cruise is unmissable if visiting Amsterdam 

The 2022 Travelers’ Choice Awards takes thousands of reviews from 2021 and 2022 into account to put together a decisive list of the top unmissable experiences for holidaymakers around the world. While Amsterdam undoubtedly has a number of world-renowned attractions - think of the city’s many museums or the nearby Keukenhof flower gardens - one experience rose above all the rest to be named the best activity in the world. 

The overwhelmingly positive reviews for an hour-long open boat canal cruise through the Dutch capital mean it beats out a host of thrilling and relaxing excursions around the world, from kayaking in Florida to camel riding and quad biking in Dubai. 

Amsterdam tourist says boat tour is "best experience in the world"

“Experience the beauty of Amsterdam’s canals by going on this scenic cruise,” Tripadvisor says, meanwhile one happy customer review praises the canal cruise as “fun and informative.” 

Living in the Netherlands, with beautiful canals being commonplace in a number of Dutch cities, you’ll likely think there are surely other more interesting excursions which deserve the 2022 title. However, tourists currently staying in Amsterdam agreed with the ranking, with one telling AT5 the tour was "the best experience I've had here so far, and actually in the world.”

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