Travel to change to world: Gouda named a top sustainable destination

Travel to change to world: Gouda named a top sustainable destination

Major American newspaper The New York Times has published its list of 52 sustainable travel destinations around the world, and has named Gouda an ideal spot for travellers who want to be “part of the solution.”

52 Places for a Changed World

Looking into the future of travel, as more and more people consider their carbon footprint and attempt to live a more sustainable lifestyle, The New York Times has compiled a list of 52 travel destinations “for a changed world,” highlighting places that embody more sustainable practices and are working to encourage environmentally-friendly lifestyles.

There are a couple of big names on the list - everywhere from Naples to Northumberland, from Mexico to Morocco - the newspaper features national parks, cities, attractions and countries that should be added to the bucket lists of any traveller, whether they be ecologically minded or not. 

Gouda: A charming Dutch city for sustainable travel

There are of course a number of European entries, but a notable one for anyone who lives in the Netherlands would have to be Gouda, a city known for its quaint streets and delicious cheese. 

The New York Times notes the issue of overtourism in Amsterdam and the country’s push to encourage visitors to look outside of the Dutch capital - emphasising Gouda as a “charming” alternative for those looking to explore the Netherlands. 

“Gouda is an ideal base for a car-free visit to the Netherlands,” the paper writes. “An extensive system of well-marked bicycle routes (with charging stations for e-bikes) makes it easy to explore the city and surrounding region.” The Dutch city was overjoyed to be featured, Thierry van Vugt, alderman for city marketing and tourism in Gouda, telling De Telegraaf it was “nice to see that Gouda is also on the international map and that the city's rich cultural history is being seen."

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