Tesla: Drive to Believe in the Netherlands

Elon Musk’s revolutionary company Tesla has launched a promotional video for the car's autopilot function. Part of this video was filmed in the Netherlands, where the company has one of its satellite offices.

Tesla is not only encouraging the world to move away from fossil fuels and more towards renewable energy, it's also making safety a priority. 

According to a recent CBS study, there has been a rise in the number of traffic accidents amongst young and old drivers, so it seems like perfect timing to launch this new Tesla feature.

Imagine a world where you could actually enjoy the ride and not have to worry about the road ahead.

Kiri Scully


Kiri Scully

Raised a global citizen, to an Irish father and American mother, Kiri has lived and worked in five countries over three continents. Fuelled by culture curiosity at an early age,...

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