Strolling & Enjoying around Maastricht

People say that life in Maastricht is different compared to the rest of the Netherlands. Whether this is true or not, you have to experience it yourself.

What is certain is that the environment and the scenery do not resemble the Randstad area - here, you are surrounded by hills. Yes, that is true, hills! Even though people refer to them as "mountains," the hills are not very high but they offer a good spot for hiking.

Finding your way to Sint-Pietersberg

One of the places you could visit is Sint-Petersberg, which lies just outside Maastricht and spreads across five municipalities.

There is plenty to do there if you like wandering and history, while when you "climb" the hill and leave the last Maastricht houses behind you, Fort Sint Pieter rises in front of your eyes.

Walking into history: Fort Sint Pieter

Although currently under reconstruction, Fort Sint Pieter is an interesting place to see (even just from the outside) and you might need to book a guided tour in order to explore this historical building.

This is also the case for the caves that lie beneath the area of Sint-Petersberg; to fully understand the role of this "endless," pitch-dark labyrinth throughout the centuries, you will need an experienced guide.

Just as a foretaste, unlike most caves, the ones here are not a natural phenomenon - they are man-made. Probably in Roman times, the location was used as a mine for marl.

During the World War II, the caves became a hiding place for thousands of people from Maastricht.

A useful tip for the visitors is to bring an extra layer of clothing, since the temperature is relatively low.

Time for a break?

After the caves, it is a time for a warm drink; visit a café on the hill and - given that the weather is good - enjoy the beautiful view from the terrace.

Alternatively, just walk around Sint-Pieterberg and enjoy a refreshing and energising hike!

Château Neercanne
Moving towards Belgium (which in fact is very close), the first village on the other side of the borderline is Kanne.

On your way there, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the vineyards and just before entering Kanne, Château Neercanne, a magnificent castle worth seeing.

In a nutshell, there are numerous sightseeing possibilities for an enjoyable, day long walk. Map your own route, take your own pace and when your recreational trip in Southern Limburg is over, take some rest and start preparing the next one!

Fort Sint Pieter ( Fort Sint Pieter

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