Sinfonia Rotterdam celebrates 25 years with a season of musical magic

Sinfonia Rotterdam celebrates 25 years with a season of musical magic


After the founding of "his" Sinfonia Rotterdam 25 years ago, conductor Conrad van Alphen is proud to announce the silver jubilee of the harbour city's dynamic chamber orchestra. This season’s visitors are in for a grand time in the concert halls of de Doelen and the ballroom of the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam, as well as in Amare and the monumental Kloosterkerk in The Hague.

Sinfonia Rotterdam’s jubilee programme

Sinfonia Rotterdam's season 2024-2025 boasts an impressive programme with Chopin's famous second piano concerto, Tchaikovsky's Christmas special The Nutcracker and Górecki's emotional Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, while the Overture in C by Felix Mendelssohn's sister Fanny and Wagner's 1st Concert Overture bring the audience to new depths. 

With the Sinfonia Classics Series 2024-2025 programme, Van Alphen also welcomes soloists of international calibre from a wide array of disciplines such as Anna Fedorova, Benedict Kloeckner, Erik Bosgraaf, Lucienne Renaudin Vary, David Fray, and Rotterdam-based dance company Conny Janssen Danst.

Image credit: Baz Czerwinski Conductor for Sinfonia Rotterdam

A holiday concert to remember

In December 2024, Sinfonia Rotterdam pairs up with recorder player Erik Bosgraaf, winner of the Dutch Music Prize, to perform a Christmas concert like never before. Mozart's Sleigh Bells follows up with Bosgraaf's rendition of Mozart's flute concerto. To top it all off, Tchaikovsky's world-famous Nutcracker Suite is the spectacular finale of the evening. 

Celebrate Sinfonia Rotterdam's 25th birthday feast!

In March 2025 the orchestra will have existed for exactly 25 years. To celebrate the momentous occasion, Van Alphen welcomes the dazzling French trumpeter Lucienne Renaudin Vary, whose charm and charisma will be evident in South American jewels such as Oscher's Rapsodia Latina. Rossini’s Sonate opens the concert, as it did 25 years ago at the orchestra’s very first concert, and Mendelssohn's fiery Italian Symphony wraps up a delightful evening.

Unique collaboration between orchestra and dance

In April 2025 during the Easter Passion period, Sinfonia Rotterdam will perform Polish composer Górecki's emotional Symphony of Sorrowful Songs. Soprano Ewa Tracz interprets the three emotional songs of motherhood, sadness and despair. During the last part of this orchestral masterpiece, listeners will experience a special choreography by Conny Janssen Danst, which gives all the emotion, drama and beauty of Górecki's symphony an extra dimension. 

New series "Classics & Wine"

As Sinfonia Rotterdam performs in The Hague's Kloosterkerk for the first time this season, its previous series Classics & Wine (Klassiek & Wijn) kicks off once again. The orchestra welcomes its audience to a fascinating performance after which visitors can enjoy a free wine tasting sponsored by a local wine shop, while a quartet from the orchestra perform salon music.

The Classics & Wine series consists of five concerts in the Kloosterkerk, that allow every visitor to feel like a royal for a night! Tickets for the series are now on sale as a package deal. 

See the orchestra up close

Van Alphen at the helm of Sinfonia Rotterdam creates a calm, authentic and expressive charisma that can be felt even whilst conducting with his back to the audience. After the concerts, you can enjoy a free drink where you get to meet Conrad van Alphen, the musicians and the Sinfonia team to share your listening experience.

Image credit: Karen van Gilst Conductor van Alphen with Sinfonia Rotterdam orchestra

Discount for visitors under 26 years old

Sinfonia Rotterdam's concerts of the 2024-2025 season are on sale now as a 6-concert package or as individual concert tickets. Sinfonia Rotterdam concerts are definitely not to be missed, especially for people under 26 years old. The orchestra offers an impressive discount of over 50 percent including a free drink afterwards for those under 26 years old. 

Experience the musical magic of Sinfonia Rotterdam

Conductor Van Alphen and Sinfonia Rotterdam celebrate their 25-year jubilee in a season filled with musical magic. With something for everyone to discover this season, you don’t want to miss out! Experience the concerts of Sinfonia Rotterdam - reserve your tickets now on the Sinfonia Rotterdam website



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