Seatylock: a bike seat and sturdy lock in one

Seatylock: a bike seat and sturdy lock in one

A comfortable bicycle seat that transforms into a sturdy lock. This is the concept behind Seatylock, a new cycling product.

With the slogan "comfortable security", this hybrid bicycle accessory promises an improved cycling experience by streamlining bike security.

How the Seatylock works

When detached from the seat pole, the support structure underneath the bicycle saddle unfolds into a solid one metre long lock.

With six articulated joints, the Seatylock is long enough to secure a bike to external objects such as trees or poles, and includes a built-in lock.

The saddle lock is compatible with any bike, featuring a universal adaptor, meaning it can be attached to the seat post of existing bikes.

The makers also created two kinds of seat models: trekking and comfort, to appeal to different cycling markets.

Advantages of a lockable saddle

Unlike other bike chains, which can be heavy or cumbersome, the Seatylock stows away neatly under the saddle, meaning it is always on your bike and can never be forgotten. Even better, cyclists no longer run the risk of having their saddle stolen.

Super secure

To ensure the Seatylock is as secure as promised, the makers subjected the locking system to some gruelling tests including attempting to cut it with bolt cutters, a metal saw, using ice spray on the joints and generally attacking the entire structure with a small sledge hammer.

However, the Seatylock did not give in.

Prototypes of the lock also underwent industrial tensile strength and pressure testing, and the team conducted saddle ergonomic testing to ensure the design did not interfere with cycling movement.

Four friends pooled their skills

The startup comprises of four friends, based in New York, who were driven by a love of urban bicycle riding, and a concern about the rise in bicycle theft, to develop the Seatylock.

The four founders: a product designer, expert manufacturer, lawyer and MBA graduate specialising in marketing, combined their diverse skills to create a quality and well-marketed patented product.


Seatylock is not the only startup to explore the possibilities of a lockable bike seat: other innovative businesses, such as Yerka, are busy developing technology to improve cycling safety and convenience.

Kickstarter campaign successful

In September, the Seatylock team launched a Kickstarter campaign, and with three weeks still to go, they have already achieved more than 200 per cent of their crowdfunding goal!

The retail price for Seatylock will be around 129 US dollars.

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