Patchnride: the 60 second flat tire repair kit

A new flat tire bike kit called patchnride promises to change the game of flat tire repairs.

The (self-proclaimed) ground-breaking technology takes under a minute to repair an inner-tube leak by using a special device to insert a rubber patch between the two tube layers.

The ultimate flat tire solution?

Patchnride promotes itself as the world’s first permanent flat tire solution on the go.

Some appealing aspects of the repair system are that it is not necessary to remove the wheel, the kit is compact enough to carry in a bag or pocket, it’s fast and easy to use, and it saves inner tubes from being thrown out.

The patchnride process

These minimal steps are a far cry from the old-fashioned approach of removing tires, hunting for the leak and getting grease all over your hands. Here’s how it works:

Locate the leak by wiping the "leak detector" liquid onto the surface of the tire. Bubbles from escaping air appear at the site of the puncture.

Apply the patchnride tool by inserting the pointed tip into the puncture hole. By pinching the tire and moving the slider up and back a rubber patch is inserted between the inner and outer tubes.

A thin rubber stem sticking out from the location confirms the repair is successful.

Repairs all bikes

The system claims to be able to repair tires on all bike tipes including road bikes, mountain bikes, kid’s bikes and even inflated stroller tires.

Cycling creators

Patchnride was founded in 2012 by two cycling enthusiasts in South Florida. After losing first place in a 12-hour road race thanks to a flat, and experiencing too many flat tires in general, Alexander Deiser teamed up with fellow engineer and entrepreneur George Fetko to find a quick and permanent solution.

The team has now grown to around 10 people including passionate cyclists ranging from road racers, endurance athletes, mountain bikers, commuters and leisure riders.

The system already has patent pending, a sign that the founders expect big things.

A green fix

The creators also believe the new repair kit can have a positive environmental impact by reducing the number of inner tubes cyclists throw away. Patch instead of toss!

Successful crowdfunding

At the start of August the Patchnride team launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a target of 5.000 US dollars. Within a week they had already raised more than six times that amount!

The Patchnride kit is available for pre-order on their crowdfunding webpage. The first production run is scheduled for delivery in October, with international shipping available.

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