Amsterdam wins European Bike Stealing Championships 2015

Every five minutes a bike is stolen somewhere in Europe. But which European city is the worst offender when it comes to bike theft?

With the aim of raising awareness about bike theft - and how to prevent it - cycling website We Love Cycling set out to find the answer by organising the European Bike Stealing Championships 2015.

A bait bike was set up in Rome, Amsterdam and Prague, the three European cities most notorious for bike theft. Whichever city had their bait bike stolen first would receive the dubious honour of being the European bike stealing capital of 2015.

With hidden cameras, a cracking commentary and festive "celebrations" when the thieves were busted, this new competitive sport makes for great viewing!

Beatrice Clarke


Beatrice Clarke

Beatrice is a native Melbournian who moved to the Netherlands in 2009. With a background in independent publishing and fashion, Beatrice honed her understanding of Dutch language and culture working...

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