Revellers forget pony at Den Bosch bar after one too many beers

Revellers forget pony at Den Bosch bar after one too many beers

Many of us know the feeling: you’ve enjoyed a night out with some friends, perhaps had one too many beers or glasses of wine, and wake up the next morning, bleary-eyed and perhaps still a little tipsy, and realise you left something behind at the bar. However, for two men enjoying some beers on a terrace in Den Bosch, they didn’t forget a pair of gloves or a mobile phone - they forgot a Shetland pony. 

Bar owner in Brabant ends the night with a stolen pony on his terrace

On Monday evening, staff working for the Animal Ambulance (dierenambulance) services in Uden and Den Bosch responded to a rather unusual call from a local bar owner who, at the end of the night, was left with a tied-up Shetland pony on his terrace. 

While it might sound like the start of a bad joke, those who retrieved the pony on Monday evening were certainly not laughing. “Two jokers who aren't funny is never funny,” Dierenambulance Den Bosch wrote in a post on Facebook. “The pony is well spoiled with carrots under a warm blanket. Fortunately, the animal has not suffered from the adventure, but this is of course not the intention.... but every normal person understands that.”

At the time, the two revellers had reportedly consumed so much alcohol that they were unable to accurately inform the police of where they acquired the pony - but officers are convinced it is a pet that's been stolen. Local authorities put out a call for the owner of the missing pony to come forward, but in the meantime, the animal was left in the care of workers at an animal shelter in Uden.

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