Help improve the Netherlands for international talent

Help improve the Netherlands for international talent


Help the Netherlands to become better at attracting, retaining and matching international talent with skills that companies need; participate in this 12-minute survey!

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The global competition for high-skilled talent is levelling up every year, and many companies and organisations feel that they can’t fill vacant positions, which inhibits growth. Yet, many of the high-skilled international master's and PhD students intend to stay after graduation, but only a minority do so which is a lost opportunity for the host country.

For your benefit, the survey is being conducted across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland, The Basque region and Spain. The final report will offer comparative data and insights across these European regions, to make them more attractive and a better home for everyone and to develop comparable insights on the satisfaction level of the target group - Bachelor / Master students, PhDs and high-skilled workers.

The study will include ranking of decision-making factors, and your main reasons for arriving to and staying in a country to pursue career opportunities. The study will also explore challenges for employers when it comes to attracting, receiving and retaining international talent.

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Are you an international Bachelor / Master / PhD student or professional / self-employed / spouse working in tech, science or as an engineer? Please share your experience as an international when it comes to settling in and living and working here by taking this 12-minute survey!

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