The Northern Lights could be visible across the Netherlands tonight

The Northern Lights could be visible across the Netherlands tonight

The Northern Lights were visible from several Dutch cities last night and could be visible again on September 25, according to the NL Times. The Northern Lights are not often visible in the Netherlands, and it can be very difficult to predict their arrival accurately.

Cities in the north of the Netherlands more likely to see the phenomenon

As the name suggests, the Northern Lights are unique to the northern hemisphere, and therefore cities in the north of the Netherlands are more likely to be able to see the phenomenon than those in the south - so tonight could be exciting for residents of Groningen and Leeuwarden!

The lights may still be visible in other Dutch cities, though. The phenomenon was already spotted in a number of locations across the north and south of the country on Sunday night. 

Chances of seeing the Northern Lights lower than on Sunday

Your chances of seeing the Northern lights on Monday evening are somewhat lower than on Sunday night since the weather forecast is less clear. The lights can be identified by their iconic green, blue, pink and purple hues that stretch across the sky in the evening. The lights are created by solar activity, specifically when solar emissions interact with the Earth's atmosphere. 

Weeronline expert Jaco van Wezel told the NL Times that the Wadden Islands are the best place in the Netherlands to try and catch a glimpse of the beautiful lights. "The indicators for tonight don't look very favourable," he told the newspaper. However, there is still some hope. "Last week, despite unfavourable indicators, the northern lights were visible. So it’s very unpredictable,” Van Wezel added.



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