New campaign to stop tourists trampling tulips in Dutch tulip fields

New campaign to stop tourists trampling tulips in Dutch tulip fields

A new campaign is being launched in the tulip bulb region with the slogan: “Enjoy the flowers, respect our pride”. Banners, signs, crowd barriers and volunteers will also be used as methods to deter tourists from entering the tulip fields and crushing the flowers in the process.

Tulip tourists still welcome

“Everyone is welcome, but it should remain enjoyable for everyone”, says initiator and bulb grower Simon Pennings. Last year, despite signs being placed around the area to remind tourists that they are not allowed to go into the fields, Pennings sustained damages amounting to 10.000 euros on just one plot.

It wasn’t just Pennings who had to deal with tourists trampling his flowers for the perfect photo either, in some places there were as many as 300 people walking through the fields. Tourists visiting the area often walk in the fields and jump over the flowers from path to path instead of walking around. This damages the tulips.

Help from municipalities and the Dutch tourism sector

Pennings had had enough and decided to seek help from the municipalities in charge in the area and the tourism sector. After deliberation, the “Enjoy the flowers, respect our pride” campaign was created.

Banners, signs and crowd barriers will be placed along the fields. During busy weekends, volunteers will be present to greet tourists and show them where they can take photos. Pennings stresses that he and others want tourists to visit the area, as tourism brings revenue. But, of course, the central message remains that it should be a pleasant activity for all involved.

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