The Netherlands is Europe’s number one beer exporter

The Netherlands is Europe’s number one beer exporter

According to figures released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the Netherlands is still Europe’s biggest exporter of beer, and globally is second only to Mexico. 

The Netherlands exports two billion euros worth of beer

In 2020, Dutch breweries exported more than two billion euros worth of (non-alcoholic) beer. According to CBS, Heineken is, unsurprisingly, the largest exporter. 

In Europe, Belgium comes in a close second; while the Netherlands has been the largest European exporter since 2000, Belgium is quickly closing the gap between the two countries. The Dutch neighbour exported 1,8 billion euros worth of (non-alcoholic) beer last year, climbing ahead of Germany and France who occupy third and fourth place respectively. 

For the second year in a row, the Netherlands is also the continent’s number one exporter of non-alcoholic beer, exporting 212 million euros worth of it in 2020. 

US customers love Dutch beer

Internationally, Mexico is the largest exporter of beer, but this can mainly be attributed to the large amount of businesses the country gets from the neighbouring United States. The US imports about 71 percent of its beer from Mexico, with only 14 percent coming from the Netherlands.

The US, however, is the largest buyer of Dutch beer, accounting for approximately 37 percent of sales. 42 percent of non-alcoholic beer from the Netherlands is also exported to the US. Other big buyers include France, the United Kingcom, and Canada. Interestingly, while Belgium imports very little Dutch beer, the Netherlands is Belgium’s second biggest customer.

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