Meet dobbi, the laundry & dry cleaning service delivering to your doorstep

Meet dobbi, the laundry & dry cleaning service delivering to your doorstep


Laundry has to be one of the most daunting tasks in every household. Putting clothes in the washing machine seems easy enough. However, the real problems start when you have to sort it, iron it and fold it.

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Even worse, sometimes you find out that some pieces weren’t meant for the washing machine at all; they shrink or feel wrong. And then there is the time aspect, doing laundry on average can take up to 6,5 hours a week! Stop wasting your time and choose the best treatment for your clothes.

Arranged within a minute

Here’s the solution. A new initiative called dobbi has almost full nationwide coverage as a dry cleaning & laundry service delivering to your doorstep. dobbi, which is backed by Henkel (known from Persil), picks up your laundry & dry cleaning wherever you are. Whether at home or at work.

The service combines ease of use with the highest possible quality textile cleaning. With the dobbi app, you can arrange your laundry & dry cleaning within a minute! 

Why dobbi?

dobbi is the #1 dry cleaning and laundry service in the Netherlands! Why dobbi:

  • It is available in the entirety of the Netherlands, at every single address.
  • A regular dry cleaner is open until 5 or 6 PM, dobbi can pick-up & deliver your laundry until 8PM.
  • dobbi can clean pretty much anything: suits, shirts, wedding dresses, costumes, winter coats, large duvets and more.
  • With dobbi, your clothes will feel fresh, last longer and look more beautiful.
  • Dobbi’s customer satisfaction is high, rated at 4,5/5 on Google Reviews.
  • Instead of spending 6,5 hours a week on laundry, you can spend it in a way that you really want, whether that’s relaxing on the couch watching the latest Game of Thrones episode or going for a drink with friends.


dobbi offers various services, at the following prices:

Dry cleaning service Shirt service Wash & fold
Suits, blazers, trousers, curtains, duvet, coats etc. Washed & pressed and returned on hanger. Washed at 30C, tumble dried and folded.
Price per item from €2,95 Price per item €2,95 0-6 kg €24,95, per extra kilo €4,25

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You’ll love dobbi

Download the dobbi app in the App Store or the Google Play store and enjoy clean clothes in just a few swipes.

Step by step

Here is how it works:

Register One

Download the app & place your first order. The next day you will receive a free and reusable laundry bag.

Pick up Two

A driver will pick up your order for free in a time slot and location of your choosing.

Premium cleaning three

dobbi's Netex certified expert cleaners will clean your clothes at their state-of-the-art facility.


dobbi delivers your order when it suits you, within 48 hours.

Save time and clothes, try dobbi

Use IAMEXPAT19 to get a 10-euro discount on your first order. This offer is valid until 31 December 2019. More info English customer service is available.

  • Email:
  • Call free: +31 85 01 87540
  • WhatsApp: +316 82065247



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