Lekkere lunch!

Lekkere lunch!

If you are tired of the same old pre-packed offerings at your local sandwich place, try putting back the freshness into your mid-day meal.


 Roast chicken & Avocado sandwich
 Roast beef (or pastrami) & Horseradish sandwich
 Puy lentil, Roast carrot & Feta salad
 Sardine & Beetroot salad with Horeseradish cream
 Vietnamese spring rolls

Download the Lekkere lunch recipes pdf (ingredients, instructions & tips)

Karen at The Cooking Coach offers healthy cooking lessons, food shopping tours and much more. To find your culinary way around Amsterdam have a look at her website or contact her at karen[at]thecookingcoach[dot]eu.

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Karen Vivers


Karen Vivers

Passionate about food in Amsterdam. I give healthy cooking lessons, weight loss programmes and shopping tours. I love helping expats (and Dutch) get the best out of food...

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