KLM staff will now be permitted to wear sneakers during work

KLM staff will now be permitted to wear sneakers during work

KLM staff will now be permitted to wear sneakers during work as of May 6, according to a report from Luchtvaartnieuws. A spokesperson for the airline has since confirmed the reports, adding that staff will now be able to do their job in more comfortable footwear, which should help to boost the wellbeing of the airline’s staff.

KLM responds to demands for more comfortable work shoes

The airline’s decision comes amidst the rise in demand for comfortable attire to be made the norm in the aviation industry.  “Some colleagues who wear pumps would like an alternative,” said KLM. “Wearing sneakers under a uniform is becoming increasingly common at airlines and suits the current times.”

A spokesperson for the airline explained that while women have already had the option to choose the height of their heels for some time so that they can wear more comfortable smart shoes, KLM is now dedicated to taking that one step further and allowing their staff to wear specific kinds of sneakers both onboard aircraft and also on the ground at airports

Not all sneakers will be permitted

Just because things are changing at KLM, does not mean that any old shoes will be allowed as part of the company uniform. Specifically, sneakers will only be allowed to be worn underneath trousers, and the colour of the uniform will determine the colour of permitted sneakers. 

Aside from these guidelines, the sneakers must also have a white sole, and be manufactured from (artificial) leather. The airline has also created its own sneakers in collaboration with the Dutch clothing brand Filling Pieces.

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