Increase in tourist numbers visiting The Hague

The Hague is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination according to statistics from the number of hotel nights booked in the city.

Tourists who visit The Hague

In 2012 there was an increase of 80.000 hotel bookings in the administrative capital of the Netherlands, with the majority of these bookings coming as a result of increasing numbers of tourists from neighbouring countries.

There was a 27 percent increase in tourists coming from Belgium, 24 percent more German bookings and a 20 percent hike in tourists from France. This is an average increase of 14 percent of foreign tourists.

Affordable weekend in The Hague

Marco Esser, Managing Director of Den Haag Marketing, believes that the economic crisis is forcing holiday-makers to spend their vacation time a little closer to home.

He is quoted as saying that "people are spending less on faraway destinations and instead are choosing for a relatively affordable weekend away."

With around one in ten people in the city earning their living from the tourism sector, this increase in visitors will be welcome news.

Developments in The Hague

With a new boulevard being built in Scheveningen and the option for a number of beach clubs to stay open year-round, The Hague is developing it's attractiveness to tourists.

Also, Rotterdam The Hague airport was recently voted the most popular airport in the Netherlands thanks to the speed and convenience of the facility, further enhancing its appeal.

If you fancy paying a visit to The Hague then you can find lots of information and useful links here.


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