How to feel psychologically safe wherever you are

How to feel psychologically safe wherever you are

We are in the next wave of the pandemic and now more than ever do we need to feel safe psychologically, to be able to function well wherever we are - at home, in the supermarket, or the office.


To support the IamExpat community, Iryna - our wellbeing advocate and vlogger - shares an effective mind regulation technique to handle the stress or discomfort of being in public or crowded spaces. It is called "orienting" and you can use it in your daily life whenever you notice the first signs of tension or stress. Go ahead and watch this latest vlog and practice with us.

We would love to hear how you are doing these days and whether it was helpful.

Iryna Ivanova


Iryna Ivanova

Iryna Ivanova is a founder and instructor of IBY with focus on the stress release, energy and motivation boost, productivity and performance increase for the corporate world. Iryna comes from...

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