Hot dog flavoured ice cream on sale in Leiden ice cream parlour

Hot dog flavoured ice cream on sale in Leiden ice cream parlour

An ice cream parlour in Leiden has come up with a brand new flavour - hot dog! 

A scoop of hot dog ice cream

Matthijs Bollen, an ice cream maker at the Ijs van Matthijs parlour in Leiden, has created a hot dog flavoured ice cream. But not just any old hotdog - the famous HEMA hot dog, with their classic sauce thrown in there too. 

The ice cream contains real pieces of hotdog, a dollop of the HEMA sauce, and small pieces of bread. However strange this might sound, Bollen has said many people enjoy the taste (himself included), but quickly change their minds when they discover what they are eating: “The sauce itself is quite sweet and the ice cream is well balanced" he told RTL Nieuws.

This is not the first time Bollen introduced a crazy flavour at his parlour. In 2018, after losing a bet with friends, he created the McDonalds classic Big Mac flavoured ice cream. Then, in 2019, the trend continued and he created sushi flavoured ice cream. Who knows what he’ll do next.

Thumb: indebuurt Leiden

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