Heineken to increase beer prices by an average of 5,8 percent

Heineken to increase beer prices by an average of 5,8 percent

This week, Heineken informed the Dutch hospitality industry that it was upping beer prices for bars and restaurants by an average of 5,8 percent. These increases are expected to be passed on to customers later this summer.

3,70 euros for a vaasje?: Heineken raising prices from August

Summer has finally arrived in the Netherlands! The weather has been gorgeous - and hopefully it’ll stay nice throughout the holidays - which means people up and down the country are looking to do whatever they can to make the most of the sunshine. But, anyone planning to relax on a terrace and soak up some rays with a portion of bitterballen and a cold beer should consider themselves warned.

From August 1, hospitality businesses in cities and towns across the Netherlands will face significantly higher wholesale costs, which will ultimately (and unsurprisingly) be passed on to their customers. With prices set to rise by an average of 5,8 percent, customers should expect the price of a vaasje (250 millilitres) to increase from 3,50 to 3,70 euros. 

Inflation and energy prices driving up production costs

Earlier this year, the major Dutch brewery warned customers that the rising cost of energy, as well as the high inflation rate and Dutch labour shortage, were driving up production and transportation costs. As a result, Heineken said it would soon have to increase prices in order to keep up with rising costs.

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