Handmade American style cookies delivered to your doorstep!

Handmade American style cookies delivered to your doorstep!


Yes, this is possible! Crème de la Cookies is a new cookie bakery in the Netherlands that ships fresh American-style cookies nationwide.

The cookies are a real treat, inspired by New York City's most popular BIG cookies: crunchy on the outside and warm and creamy on the inside. creme-de-la-cookies-gifts.jpg

They are handmade and prepared in the traditional way: “We make them at every step of the preparation: mixing dough, shaping by hand and baking. In our cookies, you won’t find candy or chocolate bars such as Oreo, Twix or Snickers. We only work with fresh ingredients like pistachio nuts from Italy, flour with no additives from France and pure cacao produced by the famous Belgian chocolatier Herman van Dender”, explains Eddy Rademaker, baker and owner of the cookie shop.

All about taste 

"You won’t find candy or chocolate bars such as Oreo, Twix or Snickers - we only work with fresh ingredients"

Would you dare to launch a business when the economy is turned upside down? Eddy and Vanessa Rademaker did it. Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, they opened the cookie bakery last December, realising the dream of making people happy with good cookies. The couple believes that high-quality ingredients can have a real impact on the taste of food. This passion for food and quality inspired them to leave their respective careers in sales and finance to start the cookie business.

Eddy: “Everything is baked on-site, fresh every day from the finest natural ingredients. Baking is my passion and sharing this cookie experience with our clients is what motivates me to get up very early each morning and create these delicious treats”. 

Crème de la Cookies offers big, gooey cookies, and extremely creative cookie flavours: Milk Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Walnut, Peanut butter Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Matcha Pistachio, Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk and Cinnamon roll cookie. professional-baker-holding-dough-apparatus.jpg

The cookie bakery is located in Lelystad but they ship their products nationwide and also to Belgium. Each type of cookie is meticulously packaged with care for delivery.

Also Available: Cookie gift boxes, catering, office parties, home celebrations, weddings, baby showers and events.

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Order cookies online at Crème de la Cookies for nationwide shipping.

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