The Hague ranked as one of Europe’s best cities for tasty street food

The Hague ranked as one of Europe’s best cities for tasty street food

The Hague is known around the world for a number of things; it’s home to the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court, and is a “beautiful, beautiful town," according to one American reporter. Now, the city will be able to add another honour to its list of accolades: according to TravelMag, it's a key culinary destination and one of the best European cities for street food! 

Europe's 20 best street food destinations

International travel website, TravelMag, has put together a list of 20 of the best street food destinations in Europe, highlighting the importance of these tasty on-the-go snacks in offering a window into the local culture and cuisine. The ranking focuses on smaller European cities with populations of under one million, highlighting destinations that might otherwise have been overlooked in favour of bigger, more popular destinations like Berlin or Amsterdam

Each city featured in the ranking also had to have “its own distinctive street food scene with dishes and delicacies particular to that place, whether that’s centuries-old local sandwich recipes or ethnically-diverse dishes from multicultural communities.” 

The Hague as a key culinary destination and street food hotspot

The overview features a number of hotspots across the continent, including Düsseldorf and Basel, and one Dutch city also managed to secure a mention thanks to its various food stalls and indoor food markets, known in Dutch as foodhallen

TravelMag praises The Hague as a culinary destination, emphasising the value and variety offered by venues such as Foodhallen Scheveningen and Foodhallen Centrum, and the local delicacies that can be found at eateries like Het Haringhuiseje and Van Schaik.

For the full list of cities featured, visit the TravelMag website.

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