GVB says majority of Amsterdam buses will be electric from 2023

GVB says majority of Amsterdam buses will be electric from 2023

The GVB has announced that, following the delivery of 84 brand new buses early next year, almost all buses operating in the Dutch capital will be fully electric from 2023. 

GVB purchases 84 new fully electric buses 

The first electric buses were introduced in Amsterdam in 2019, with 44 currently operating in the Dutch capital. An additional 31 electric buses are set to be introduced over the summer, bringing the total to 75. 

The plan is that, with an additional 84 electric vehicles running in the city, the majority of Amsterdam’s buses will be electric before the end of 2023. The new buses will operate on the 37, 38, 41, 44, 47, 49, 62 and 63 routes from mid-2023.

Public transport operator hopes to cut CO2 emissions in Amsterdam 

The public transport operator hopes to significantly reduce its carbon footprint over the coming years, and hopes that the imminent shipment of 84 new electric buses will help cut carbon emissions in the Dutch capital. 

“We want everyone who travels with GVB to know that this causes much less damage to the climate and living environment,” said GVB director Claudia Zuiderwijk. “The sustainability and new comfort of public transport are good reasons to say goodbye to that second-hand car that was purchased during COVID-19.”

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