A guide to Christmas Markets around the Netherlands

A guide to Christmas Markets around the Netherlands

With dropping temperatures and oliebollen stands popping up on every corner, there’s no ignoring that the holidays are upon us yet again.

Around this time of year, many internationals living abroad will head back to their home countries to celebrate with family and friends. However, those of us who plan to stay abroad during this festive time of year don’t need to worry; December’s agenda is full of Christmas markets to put you in a wintery mood.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you trapped inside!
Whether your’d like to take a spin on ice skates, listen to carols, watch a winter parade or nibble festive snacks, visiting a Christmas market is a great chance to celebrate the season.

So, bundle up with some extra layers, warm up with a few cups of gluhwein and add one of these festive bazaars to your list!

Dating back to the middle ages, traditional Christmas markets are scheduled during the advent, the weeks leading up to Christmas. For many, the classic German style markets usually come to mind but a variety of markets are also taking place here in the Netherlands.

Browse unique merchandise
Rotterdam’s Swan Market offers shoppers fashion, vintage and fair trade products from more than 200 vendors while the Sunday Market at Amsterdam’s Westergas Fabriek also reaches a more alternative crowd with local and unique handmade goods.

christmas markets

The Pure Market takes place in Amsterdam twice in December featuring 60 vendors selling crafts and seasonal food plus children will love to take a spin on their popular carousel.

A traditional experience
Dark winter days will light-up down south during the unique market taking place in a cave at the Valkenburg Christmas Market

The Haarlem Christmas Market features old fashioned Yuletide charm or check out Magical Maastricht, a market that stays open until the New Year!

Head east for a Christmas-time-warp at Deventer’s annual Dickens Festival when the historic city centre transforms into an authentic 19th century scene. Here you’ll find many of Charles Dickens’ famed cast of characters like Oliver Twist, Tiny Tim and Scrooge.

Inspired by Dickens’ famed tales, this special market brings the Christmas spirit with classical holiday choir performances, seasonal shops and more!

As holiday celebrations come rushing towards us don’t miss out on your chance to experience some special holiday events or at least take a minute to appreciate the snow flurries blanketing Holland’s scenic canals.

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