[Free Try-Out] Swimming Lessons for Expat Children

[Free Try-Out] Swimming Lessons for Expat Children

Looking for a fun, playful, and trustworthy environment for your child to learn how to swim?

SwimKids is a certified, professional organisation offering English spoken ABC swimming classes to children from the ages 3 to 10 years old.

Register now for your child's first free swimming class! SwimKids doesn’t have waiting lists and children are welcome to try a free swimming lesson at one of their locations in:
 The Hague

About the Classes
Every class is 45 minutes and focus on small groups and playful teaching. The classes have a maximum of 5-8 children per group, offering your child a near private lesson.

SwimKids also offers a new concept in Baarn and Arnhem. At these locations children can follow an A-diploma guarantee within 6 months. Every class is 90 minutes. An all-inclusive A-diploma concept starts from the Elementary level.
See swimming levels.

About SwimKids
SwimKids teaches levels - SwimTots, Elementary Swimming, Junior and A-Level preparatory diploma - and employ the Dutch ABC levels with an emphasis on floating, water safety and survival techniques.

SwimKids uses the basic Dutch ABC Swimming Guideline of the National Platform Pools in the Netherlands | NRZ that ensures the quality of the swimming level. Each instructor also creates their own fun swimming experience while following the basic guidelines.

For more information:
 Tel: +31(0)70 364 1443
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