New EU project stimulates kids to ride their bikes more

A new EU project called Bike the Track / Track the Bike aims to stimulate children to ride their bikes more often and become lifelong cyclists by using GPS to log the distances they cycle and awarding them points accordingly.

The points they accumulate can be used for things like discounts of new bikes and bike accessories. B-Track-B, as the programme is nicknamed, will include a smartphone app, a website, social media, RIFD timing, and GPS.

B-Track-B's primary target group is families with children aged 9-15 that live in urban areas, because this group is most likely to be in the habit of using the car for short leisure trips (e.g. the cinema), when in fact cycling is a practical and much healthier and more sustainable option.

The programme will start out in different cities around Europe (Rotterdam, Venice, Fredericia, Ljubljana, Münster, Algarve and Espoo), and will encourage families to take their bikes to go to sports matches, parks, shopping malls, festivals, and similar leisure destinations.

For more information on B-Track-B, contact Henk Hendriks of the European Cyclists' Federation at h.hendriks[at]ecf[dot]com.

Carly Blair


Carly Blair



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