FlyDriving in the Netherlands: You can now buy PAL-V’s flying car

Dutch company PAL-V, which stands for Personal Air and Land Vehicle, is the first to make FlyDriving a reality.

From Monday, February 13, PAL-V started selling their commercial models including the PAL-V Liberty, which currently has two models to choose from.

The first, Pioneer Edition, costs a whopping 499.000 euros, but buyers will be able to personalise the interior and exterior. They will also be the first to receive their vehicles.

The other model is called the Sport model and costs less, only 299.000 euros. The downside is that buyers will have to wait a bit longer before they get it.

What sets this particular model aside from other flying car companies is the fact that the vehicle is the first to fully comply with existing traffic and aviation regulations.

The PAL-V liberty has a Rotax engine-based dual propulsion drivetrain, meaning it has an engine for driving and another for flying. For more specifics, watch the videos below.

Kiri Scully


Kiri Scully

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