Find the secret formula and escape the Rijksmuseum!

Find the secret formula and escape the Rijksmuseum!

The Rijksmuseum escape game will have you crisscrossing all over the famous Dutch museum in Amsterdam to find the clues you need to uncover the secret formula and escape. But hurry, the game is only on until September 2!

Your last chance to play

The Rijksmuseum escape game can only be played this summer, so if you are an escape game fanatic, now is your chance! You can play the game at either expert or discoverer level. At expert level, you play with friends, and at discoverer level, the game is designed to be played with children aged six and over.

Teams of two to five people can try their hand at solving the mystery and reaching the finish line. Around two hours is recommended for those accepting the challenge at expert level and at least 1,5 at discoverer level. The game can be played every day from 10am until 5pm, with the last round starting at 3.30pm.

Where the escape game begins

It all begins after closing time. A Rijksmuseum employee, Bert, sees a shadow in the museum library and realises that he is not alone. He isn’t able to catch the mysterious intruder and, after taking a closer look, realises that a page containing a special formula is missing from an ancient book by the Italian sorcerer and alchemist Alessandro Cagliostro.

Your job is to become a modern day Sherlock Holmes and find the secret formula. The cost of this expedition is 17,77 euros per group of two to five people. This excludes the admission fee to the museum.

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