Fat Kids Corner food review: Meat & Greek

Fat Kids Corner food review: Meat & Greek

Growing up in New York having Greek friends, I learned a lot about the food. My first experience was working at Il Giordino in Hauppauge, Long Island New York for Efstathios Semitekelos and his family.

Delivering food, being a waiter, cashier, short-order cook and up-and-coming Fat Kid, working there was all about gyros, tzatziki, spanikopita, more eating, and Efstathios’ stories. I’d cruised past Meat & Greek (“De Andere Griek” or “The Other Greek”) at least four to five times before I stopped to take a taste. “Dat was een beetje dom…” Each time cycling by, the waft of herbs and spices would breeze through my nose, drawing me in closer... 

The Pita Professionals

But today I stopped! Perched by the corner of the Prinsengracht and Utrechtsestraat, the interior of Meat & Greek is decorated with blues and whites ⁠— traditional Greek colours. It’s clean, small and efficiently running. The young and inspired team of “Pita Professionals” are busy creating food only fit for the “Greek Gods of Goodness.”

50-year old, 15-day family recipe

Lead by the owner Mano, the passionate, sharp, friendly staff have your food ready as quick as a thunderbolt from Zeus! Every day, everything is homemade using the 50-year-old, 15-day spiced gyro seasoning family recipe. I say again, 50-year-old, 15-day-spiced gyro seasoning family recipe! Gyro is a cylinder of meat made from pork or a combination of pork and lamb. Both, “Heel lekker!

Choose the “Hot Greek” gyro pita, which adds spicy feta and jalapeños, or the “Greeky Freaky” that would give a Philadelphia cheesesteak a run for its money. A vegan option, the “Chef’s Favourite” adds a fig jam (incredible) or the “Double Trouble,” a double-meat, Mt. Olympus-sized gyro pita. There is nothing aParthenon delicious Greek food coming from this kitchen!

The classic

Meat & Greek

For me, the “Classic” pita. It is exactly that. First ingredient, the pita. You need a good pita ⁠— one that doesn’t fall apart under pressure. Meat & Greek has just that! It is strong but buttery soft and holds your sandwich together. Next ingredient, the coleslaw. A nice sweet garden crunch that compliments the creamy tzatziki, fresh komkommer, tomaten, feta kaas and rode uien (Uien, uwwn, uiyen? That’s a hard one for me to pronounce in Dutch...).

Now, ladies and gentleman, the star of the attraction...the meat! Needing an electric “heggenschaar” in order to shave the meat off the rotisserie, the beautifully seasoned, caramelised, crunchy, crispy, most succulent meat, seasoned with a salt/pepper/garlic/paprika 50-year-old, 15-day spiced family recipe and a pinch of f#%cking awesome awaits to be laid on top.


As I drool, my jaw unhinges, I hunch my back and ready that first bite. Practically throwing my plate on the ground and screaming in Greek, “Opa!” And not for my grandfather. I am beyond satisfied as I finish my Meat & Greek gyro pita in 300 Spartans. I peel open my wet napkin, fix my posture, unbuckle my belt, and think: it’s good to be fat again!

Joe Montagna


Joe Montagna

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natilu 14:27 | 9 August 2019

I did work for 7 years as a chef and lived in Astoria (NYC) for too long. Yep! I end up marrying a Greek. I had the best gyros around there. Now, leaving in Amsterdam I need to agree that Meat and Greek is pretty good. I would love to taste more garlic on the tatziki tho. But my question is. Where are the Dam fries???

joemontagna 18:38 | 9 August 2019

Hey @natilu msg me on IG @FatKidsCorner