Fat Kids Corner food review: Benny's Chicken

Fat Kids Corner food review: Benny's Chicken

Joe Montagna from Fat Kids Corner has some things to say about Benny's Chicken in Amsterdam. Warning: don't watch this while hungry, otherwise you will just torture yourself!

The market that has it all

December 29th and it’s a cold, windy, rainy, day in Amsterdam, I know, what else is new!? I jump on my fiets and start peddling towards the Oud-Zuid (Old South) district of the city. Next stop, the Albert Cuyp Market!

FUN FACT: In 1905 the city decided to set up a market for local street traders and pushcarts on Saturday evenings. But in 1912, due to how busy it became, it was decided that the market was to stay open during the day, six days a week. Every morning they set up, and every evening they breakdown the stands that offer everything from vegetables, fruits, fishes and spices to clothing, electronics, home decor and souvenirs.

The multicultural selection of products is directly related to the Surinamese, Turkish, Moroccan and Dutch culture in the neighbourhood, making it one of the most diverse and busiest markets in all the Netherlands and the largest daytime market in Europe.

The Commissioner of Cluck

I get to the market, park my bike and start walking down the gauntlet of goodies. It’s business as usual with various offerings being presented, negotiated and sold to tourists and locals alike. Each vendor has their own “shtick,” some try playing music, dancing and soliciting people, others, just go through the motions of another day trying to make a living.

I walk past the French Fry Guy, past the Poffertje Pusher and don’t even make eye contact with the Stroopwafel Salesman. I know I’m getting close because I start to hear the call from Maurice, 3rd generation chicken guy from the Rylaarsdam family. “It’s all chicken, It’s all €2,50!” he yells out...

Walking up I know I’m here for the “Classic” kip broodje met kaas.  I say hallo, order, pay, sit down, kick back and enjoy the show. “Hoi jongens, hele lekkere broodjes!” or “Hey guys, very tasty sandwiches” shouts the “Commissioner of Cluck”, as he’s greeted by local “street guys” who come to pay their respects to the “Kip Don Corleone.”

Presiding over the market like a “chicken auctioneer” on his “podium of poultry”, this “chief of chicken” calls out to everyone that passes! First in English, “Hello sir, good afternoon, then in Spanish, “Hola, buenos dias”, Italian, “Buongiorno”, Dutch, “Goedemiddag”, Turkish, “Tünaydin”, French, “Bon  après-midi”, then Portuguese, “Boa tarde.” “It’s all chicken, It’s all €2,50”

That first bite

Maurice hands me my classic kip broodje met kaas saying confidently, “Eet smakelijk” or “Enjoy your meal” as I salivate with excitement. I sit back down, ready a handful of napkins, hunch over the table and take my first bite!

First things first, the bread is as soft as “a baby’s ass!” Melted cheese on top, chunks of perfectly grilled rotisserie chicken seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, and other “secret” spices touch my palate making me want to do the “Chicken Dance” we all know from back in the day! You must remember the Chicken Dance. (It's not me in the video, by the way!)

But wait, I’m going to add some condiments. Having to choose from BBQ sauce, cocktail sauce, sweet chilli sauce, mustard, ketchup, katjangsaus, knoflooksaus (garlic sauce) or mayonnaise, I decide to stay true to my Fat Kids roots and douse my broodje with mayo. "Het is lekker op alles!" 

Food all over my face

My second bite is better than the first, then my third, then fourth. I have a feeling that mayo and cheese are all over my face but I don’t care! As I look up I see a friend, “Hey Joe, you’re here AGAIN!?” she says. “Yes! I love this place...” I reply. “Oh, by the way, you have sh#% all over your face!”

Swallowing my pride and that last bite, I wipe my face clean, take a deep breath, improve my posture and stand up. “Doei”, I say as I start to walk away, still enjoying the lasting taste of this magnificent sandwich.

Six days per week, 13 hours per day and countless numbers of chickens, this incredibly hard-working family always has a smile on their faces and really knows how to prepare chicken. Believe me, “Ik ben niet gek!” You must go to Benny’s Chicken for a “Classic” kip broodje met kaas.

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