Fat Kids Corner food review: Grillworst met kaas

Fat Kids Corner food review: Grillworst met kaas

It’s a new year, a new decade! I’m 40 years old, living in Amsterdam. Ik ben blij.

New Year's resolutions are in full swing and as part of mine, I’m donating this year… to my stomach. I am grateful for my stomach. But more importantly, my stomach would like to thank my friends from Slagerij Poldervaart in Amsterdam Oost, Jasper Hanjoel and brother Benjamin Hanjoel. I mean, holy cow! Wat een assortiment do they have at this butcher! Chops, fillets, venkelsalami, katenspek, lamb chops, loins, roasts, chicken, worstjes, biefstuk, porchetta, ossenworst, pepersalami, burgers, mortadella, Amsterdamham and much much more!


Originally from the Brabant area (near the border of the province of South Holland), these two beefcakes were first introduced to me with a joke. “What’s long, green and smells like bacon,” I asked them 2,5 years ago and now, we’re like family.

It’s Saturday afternoon and for research purposes, I am there for the third time this week to “voel, hoor, zie, ruik and proefalles wat lekker is. Always busy, I can see that the #1 rated (Mokum Magazine) salad “onze vleessalade”, which combines potatoes, pickles, sour onions and a soft, slooow cooked pulled pork, is almost sold out! “Hey, gap!” I say, as I walk in and make eye contact with Jasper. Always in a “meating,” he comes from behind the counter to give me a knuffel.

At the age of 12, Jas travelled to Amsterdam’s Noordermarkt in the Jordaan neighbourhood to learn from his mentor, organic butcher, Chris Dammers. Now at 29, he is a veteran business owner who is well respected throughout the industry due to his high standards, traditional values and second to none knife skills. Benjamin or Ben, joined the business about 6 years ago. Now at 24 years of age, he leads the team with his maturity, knowledge, positive energy and proficiency.

Both knappe jongens are genuine, skilled and personable. The Fabulous Butcher Boys pride themselves on service met inhoud, which means they want the customer experience to be exceptional, educational and of course, (H)EERLIJK! It’s business as usual, as the team of meat masters from Slagerij Poldervaart chop, slice, grind and cut.

Love at first bite

It was love at first bite when I tasted the grillworst met kaas! What is grillworst met kaas? Think “giant, cheesy, sausage-like log of love” that has a bit of a secret recipe… shocker. Ground pork cheek, pork shoulder, a melange of kruiden aka herbs, nutmeg, cardamon, white pepper and salt. Mixed, then, a second grind. Jong, belegen or jong belegen cheese is then added, into the oven for 2 hours at 75 degrees, a slow steam.

Fresh out of the oven, the end result is candy for carnivores, as Jasper cuts a slice for me to sample. The outer crust is like tree bark, crunchy and caramelised from the baked cheese and pork blend. Inside, the soft, delicate, and succulent meat is seasoned perfectly to compliment all the ingredients. It really is marvellous and one slice is never enough.

Ik bestel 300 grams for personal use and walk out saying “Doei” as I shut the door behind me. I’m honoured and lucky to be able to call Jasper and Benjamin part of my Band of Beef Brothers and you would be too. Stop in today, say hello and make sure you walk out with a stuk of grillworst met kaas!

Thumb picture: Slager Patrick

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