[Eurozone] The highest hotel prices are in the Netherlands

According to the Hotel Price Index, hotel prices rose by 4 percent in the Netherlands, with the average price being 108 euros per night. This puts Dutch hotels at a pricier range than fellow Eurozone countries such as Italy and Austria, at 105 euros and 100 euros respectively.

However, worldwide the Netherlands ranks in 27th place. The most expensive hotels globally can be found in Oman, where average rates are a whopping 247 euros per night. The cheapest can be found in Cambodia, at just 50 euros per night.

The Netherlands 
Within the Netherlands, hotel prices displayed mixed fortunes for the tourism and hospitality industry. In Amsterdam, hotel prices rose by 7 percent to 124 euros, buoyed by the strong market for international tourism. This is a similar rate to that found in Perth and Copenhagen.

In the rest of the Netherlands however, hotels struggled to maintain revenues. Hotel prices in The Hague fell by 2 percent to 103 euros, and Utrecht had to lower its prices by 9 percent to 96 euros a night.

A good barometer
According to David Roche, President of, the hotel industry mirrors the overall health of the economy: "The hotel sector is a good barometer for the global economy as a whole. Prices are up because demand for rooms is on the rise - a sign of higher levels of business and consumer spending.

Local conditions, influenced last year by political uprisings, natural disasters and currency fluctuations, do have a major impact on prices but, overall, the momentum is there and the market is growing."

The Hotel Price Index is calculated on rates paid in hotels across the world.

Most expensive countries

Least expensive countries

Most expensive cities
 Monte Carlo
 New York

Least expensive cities
 Phnom Penh

Rating based on hotel prices in 2011

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