Dutch movies to watch on Netflix this holiday season

Dutch movies to watch on Netflix this holiday season

Dutch movies to watch on Netflix this holiday season

One of the biggest indulgences at this time of year is the freedom to cuddle up for an evening on the sofa watching as many films and series as you possibly can, without even feeling guilty about it because the weather outside is so cold and grey (and likely rainy) that staying indoors really is the sensible decision. 

But then, just as you’re ready with your popcorn and your cosy blanket you’re suddenly struck with one of life’s most difficult decisions: “What on earth am I going to watch on Netflix?”. 

Fret not! IamExpat is here with our list of some of the Dutch movies you can sit back and enjoy this Christmas season. Plus - while maybe not quite as effective as taking a Dutch course - watching films is a great way to learn a new language. Fun entertainment and learning Dutch at the same time? What more could you want!? 

Dutch Christmas movies on Netflix 

There are a couple of fun festive (Dutch) films out there that you can watch this holiday season. But keep in mind that none of these have English subtitles, so if you choose to watch one of them then be prepared to put all your Dutch skills to the test. 

1. Mannenharten

Mannenharten is a fun romantic comedy that follows the lives of five very different men - Tim, Dennis, Wouter, Frank, and Niels who are on the hunt for love and happiness. One is having second thoughts about his upcoming wedding, while another is confronted by his girlfriend’s unexpected pregnancy, and a rather clumsy and unlucky-in-love civil servant searches for the love of his life. 

You can expect all that and more in Mannenharten, all to the backdrop of Amsterdam at Christmas. And, if you enjoy Mannenharten, why not check out the sequel - aptly named Mannenhaten 2.

2. Soof 2

Another rom-com set in Amsterdam over Christmas, in Soof 2 (the sequel to Soof) Soof faces the reality that, in spite of attempts to use couples therapy to fix her relationship, her marriage has fallen apart. She decides to reinvent herself and her life back on track, as she tries to balance her family, her job, and the new chef she’s hired who she seems to be developing feelings for.

3. The Snow Queen (De Sneeuw Koningen)

This 2012 Russian movie - based on the Hans Christen Anderson story of the same name - is available to watch in Dutch on Netflix - so great for keeping the little ones entertained for a few hours while they can also improve their language skills. 

The film follows Gerda, her pet ferret Luta, and Orm the troll as they go on an adventure to save Gerda’s brother Kai, and free the world from the frozen clutches of the Snow Queen, who has created a world of eternal winter. 

4. The Claus Family (De Familie Claus)

The first official Dutch Christmas film on Netflix, De Familie Claus is a perfect watch that the whole family can enjoy. 

The film follows the story of Jules Claus who, when hanging around in his grandfather’s toy shop, finds a magical snow globe and discovers his grandfather is the real Santa Claus! In spite of the fact that he’s fallen out of love with Christmas, Jules decides to help his grandfather, and in the process learns to appreciate the most wonderful time of the year again.

Dutch movies you can watch with English subtitles

Not sure you’re ready to watch a whole movie in Dutch without subtitles? Don’t worry about it! There are plenty of great Dutch movies that are available on Netflix with English subtitles.

1. Whitestar

This one is for everyone who ever dreamed of working with horses and becoming a rider! This 2019 film follows Megan and her best friend Julia.

Over their school holidays, the girls, together with their friend Eddy, start working at a local horse stable. Megan has always dreamed of becoming a successful dressage rider, and when she meets Whitestar, the two form an unbreakable bond, in spite of the horse’s unruly nature.

2. Loving Ibiza (Verliefd op Ibiza)

Verliefd of Ibiza tells four separate stories, following the lives of Lex - a 55-year-old former rock star struggling to keep hold of his rocker image - and his three adult daughters: Zara, a successful fashion designer who faces issues in her marriage when her husband cheats on her; Lizzy, a party planner who fights of her growing feelings for her model client’s soon-to-be fiance; and Bibi, the wild and care-free baby of the family.

3. Riphagen

Riphagen is a biographical drama, who follows the life of Dreis Riphagen - a Dutch traitor and criminal in Amsterdam who helped the Nazis round up Jews during the second world war. During the war, his wealth and power grew as he extorted the Jewish people that he was hunting down, taking their treasures and valuables for himself. 

Then, one day, resistance fighter and police officer Jan van Liempd makes it his mission to track Riphagen down and bring him to justice.

Get cosy and get watching! 

What are you waiting for - grab that remote, or switch on your laptop, and find the perfect film for tonight's viewings. Looking for tips on some other Dutch movies you can stream with English subtitles? Check out our list here!

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