Do it for the Gram: The Netherlands really loves pancakes

Do it for the Gram: The Netherlands really loves pancakes

The Netherlands is known for its pancakes, and it’s a dish that thousands of people from all around the world enjoy when they visit the country. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth - the more whipped cream the better, right? - or opt for the more traditional and savoury spek met kaas, there really is something for everyone. 

It turns out that tourists aren’t the only people who enjoy a good pannenkoek: according to a recent study carried out by food delivery company Thuisbezorgd, Dutch citizens enjoy a good pancake too, and are extremely fond of snapping a quick picture of their delicious meal before digging in. In fact, Thuisbezorgd found that pancakes were the most Instagrammable Dutch dish!

Pannenkoeken named the most Instagrammable Dutch food

Researching the most popular international dishes on Instagram, Thuisbezorgd looked at a handful of traditional Dutch foods, examining the total hashtag count for each dish. With over 47,000 #pannenkoeken in the Netherlands alone, the versatile breakfast food took the top spot. Other Dutch foods to make it into the top 10 were snert - the traditional pea soup - and the beloved broodje kroket.

Internationally, pizza turned out to be the most popular choice in Europe, with over 80 million hashtags to date. Sushi nabbed the top spot in Asia, with a respectable 45 million tags, while residents in North America love sharing photos of their burgers (33 million tags).

Enjoy your very own homemade pancakes

There are so many different variations of the humble pancake: go old school with the fluffy American pancakes, or try something a little more sophisticated with the French crepe. You can go for the healthy option and try your hand at banana pancakes or oatmeal pancakes, or even avocado pancakes! While all these options are sure to be delicious, nothing beats a simple Dutch pancake - especially if you make it at home from scratch.

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