Dam Square Christmas tree donated to the elephants of Artis Zoo

Dam Square Christmas tree donated to the elephants of Artis Zoo

The 21-metre-tall Christmas tree on Dam Square is typically an iconic sight in Amsterdam over the festive season. The tree is strikingly tall and wide, requiring 40.000 energy-efficient LED lights to illuminate it. Many people may be wondering what happens to the Nordmann fir once it has fulfilled its festive purpose.

A new home for the Christmas tree

The tree was taken down on Tuesday, January 8 and it will be donated to the animals at the zoo in Amsterdam, Artis. The main part of the tree – the trunk with some branches still attached – will be given to the elephants as a toy. The rest of it will be given to other zoo animals, such as giraffes, kudus and camels.

The tree is valuable to these animals. A spokesperson for Artis said: “For the animals, such a tree is behavioural enrichment. You keep the animals active and healthy by challenging them to show their natural behaviour.”

Never just a Christmas tree

The Dam Square Christmas tree, grown in the German Ardennes, is usually put to good use afterwards: two years ago the enormous tree was turned into perfume called DEN.

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