Four-legged toilet terrorist gives Amsterdam couple a nasty shock

Four-legged toilet terrorist gives Amsterdam couple a nasty shock

A couple in Amsterdam received a nasty shock from a rather unexpected visitor earlier this month, when an evening trip to the bathroom unveiled a four-legged “toilet terrorist”!

Rodent terrorises Amsterdam couple

Ever seen Flushed Away? Well, it seems one rodent in the Dutch capital decided to re-enact a scene from his favourite film a few weeks ago - and scared the living daylight out of his human roommates in the process. 

Residents in a number of flats in the Baarsjes were left without a toilet for a number of days after discovering a live rat in the toilet on the evening of January 4. Hanneke de Groot, who was first to spot the unwelcome guest, said the rat had also made an appearance in her neighbour’s toilets, and that she had been left too afraid to use her own bathroom. 

“Every now and then he comes up," De Groot told AT5. “I don't dare to go to the toilet anymore. At night it is completely frightened.” She and her husband have placed a large rock on the toilet seat in an attempt to stop the rat from entering their bathroom. 

Multiple residents left too scared to use the loo

While some rats may make good pets, many would likely agree that one turning up in the toilet in their family bathroom is certainly not an ideal scenario.

De Groot has called her housing corporation, Rochdale, a number of times in the hopes that they can help solve the problem. A spokesperson for Rochdale has explained that the sewer will need to be investigated as there may be a leak, and the municipality might be called in in order to handle the situation.

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