The best spas, spa hotels and wellness retreats in the Netherlands

The best spas, spa hotels and wellness retreats in the Netherlands

If you're looking for a way to kick back and relax, why not treat yourself to a day or weekend at a spa in the Netherlands! Whether you want to lounge in a sauna or hot tub, take a dip in a thermal bath, or get a massage or spa treatment, there are many different spas, hotels, wellness retreats, resorts and saunas to choose from. 

Going to the spa in the Netherlands

The Dutch know how to relax in style, and so you'll be pleased to hear that there are hundreds of high-quality wellness facilities all over the Netherlands - both in major Dutch cities and in the countryside - offering different relaxing options at cheaper prices than you might expect. 

Before you visit a Dutch sauna, thermal bath or spa, it's worth bearing in mind that wellness is usually done in the nude in the Netherlands. The feeling of being completely naked in the presence of strangers might take a bit of getting used to - but it's completely normal for the Dutch! If you're not comfortable with that, some facilities offer certain days where swimwear is required, so make sure to check the official website of the wellness centre to see which days are swimwear days or nude days.

Additionally, the bathrobe and towel are usually not included in the price, so bring your own, or be prepared to pay a little extra to hire one. For hygiene reasons, you are usually required to sit on a towel in saunas, for example. 

As for talking, groups of friends usually have quiet conversations with each other, but as the experience is meant to be relaxing and low-key, it is not encouraged to be very loud. 

The best spas in the Netherlands

There are many different options for wellness centres in the Netherlands, including spas, spa hotels, saunas and more. Here are some of the best ones out there. 

Spas in Amsterdam

Looking for a spa in Amsterdam? The Dutch capital offers a great selection of wellness centres to choose from! 

Spa Zuiver Amsterdam 

Escape the hustle of everyday life at the lovely Spa Zuiver Amsterdam, where you can immerse all your senses in a relaxing atmosphere. Pamper yourself with a heavenly day of tranquillity with one of their many packages or beauty treatments, before eating a delicious meal at their restaurant.  

Sauna Deco 

The spa and wellness centre Sauna Deco is in the heart of Amsterdam and has incredibly chic, 1920s Parisian decor. Relax in style in one of their many rest areas with a great book or take a dip in their steam eucalyptus bath that will relieve all your tension.

Hotel Okura 

Hotel Okura is an opulent hotel in Amsterdam that combines traditional Dutch wellness with unique Japanese service and rituals. Spoil yourself with their spacious and comfortable rooms and dining at one of their three Michelin-star restaurants. The experience is complete with a tea lounge, treatment rooms, a Japanese stone garden, facial treatments, saunas, baths, massages and a relaxation area.

Best places for a spa day 

Of course, there are plenty of wellness options outside of Amsterdam. If you're looking for a spa day in the Netherlands, all of these places offer day or evening passes: 


Elysium is a wellness resort near Delft that has an extensive number of saunas and baths - each with its own unique theme or feature - perfect for warming up from the cold winter weather!

Spa Nova 

Spa Nova is a luxurious spa in Hoofddorp that offers an immensely tranquil and cool environment for anyone to relax in. Entry includes use of the swimming pools, steam cabins, spacious Finnish saunas, whirlpool tubs, lounge areas, mini-bar and much more! 


Take a dip in the incredible thermal baths at the Sanadome in Nijmegen! You can also choose to add on one of their signature wellness treatments such as a hot oil massage or a revitalising facial. Don't forget to grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants. 

Wine & Wellness Utrecht

Nothing beats the perfect combination of wine and wellness, which is done the best at Wine & Wellness Utrecht. Experience this unique wellness package in the heart of Utrecht with its many massage treatments, steam baths, swimming pools, saunas, infrared cabins, and of course, an extensive wine bar. 

A Thermen Zeeland 

Equipped with countless saunas, swimming pools, relaxation areas, amazing restaurants, and even a sun terrace, A Thermen Zeeland has everything you need for a great spa day. Located right next to the North Sea, the thermal waters are absolutely divine. 

Blue Wellness Boot 

Ever had a spa day on a yacht? Indulge in this luxury at the Blue Wellness Boot for a spa day to remember with its many unique saunas, hot tubs, hammams, tanning beds, sun deck, cocoon rest areas, beauty centre, terrace, lounge and scrumptious restaurant. 


Enjoy a full day of relaxation at the Veluwesbron near Apeldoorn. As you would expect, they also have a variety of saunas, pools and hot baths for anyone to relax in, as well as a restaurant. 

Spa hotels in the Netherlands 

If you're looking for more than just a day of relaxation, a weekend away at a spa hotel might be the best option for you. Here are some of our suggestions. 

Thermen Bad Nieuweschans

The Thermen Bad Nieuweschans is a unique wellness hotel near Groningen that offers an extensive number of treatments with everything from thermal baths to meditation to cryotherapy. The wellness hotel utilises the mineral-rich waters from the first thermal spring to be discovered in the Netherlands.

Conservatorium Hotel

The Conservatorium Hotel is a regal hotel located in Amsterdam that implements holistic healing in their spa and fitness aspect. There are many packages and treatments to choose from, but the most well-known is the seven-chakra experience which combines massage and energy movement.

Thermae 2000

Located near Limburg, the Thermae 2000 is a wellness centre that has classic wellness treatments such as thermal baths, massage, and saunas, but also some more exclusive treatments such as Wine Therapy or Hypnotherapy, to leave you feeling rejuvenated. 

Hotel the Nobleman 

This eccentric hotel is where history meets wellness. Packed with antiques related to the Dutch Golden Age, the Hotel the Noblemen creates a distinctive, luxurious atmosphere. Aside from the rich interiors, the hotel has all the essential spa facilities that can be booked for private sessions. 

Spa resorts for a wellness retreat 

If you're looking for a longer stay or something more exclusive, a spa resort can be the perfect vacation without having to leave the Netherlands. While there are many, here are two that we would recommend:

Fort Resort Beemster

The Fort Resort Beemster is a luxurious wellness resort located just under an hour north of Amsterdam in the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Fort aan de Nekkerweg. The resort consists of baths, saunas, kelosaunas, a hotel, restaurants, party locations, and a wedding location with an emphasis on sustainability.

Themen Bussloo Wellness and Hotel 

The Thermen Bussloo Wellness and Hotel has everything anyone needs to relax for a wellness retreat. Complete with spacious rooms, amazing food at their restaurants, massage treatments, saunas with rituals, baths and springs with thermal waters, you're bound to feel energised after a stay here. 

Cure the winter blues with one of these wellness retreats

There are a variety of fantastic wellness and spa options in the Netherlands. Find the one that’s best for you and relax after a busy holiday season!

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