ARTtube: Video sharing platform for art and design

Five museums in the Netherlands and Belgium collaborated to launch ARTtube, a collective video channel that focuses on art and design.

The bilingual website is dedicated to publishing high quality videos produced by the participating museums: The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, M HKA Antwerpen, Gemeentemuseum The Hague, De Pont Tilburg and Museum Van Beuningen Rotterdam.

Through ARTtube, an international audience can learn about Dutch and Belgian museums as well as their collections and exhibitions. The website will also contribute to the international visibility of the art and design of the Netherlands and Belgium.

ARTtube offers various kinds of videos, from exceptional interviews with reputable artists, fascinating portraits by inspirational makers, and behind-the-scenes footage of artwork installations and restorations, to animation videos.

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen alone has already produced over 200 films since they started posting videos in 2009. On the website, the museum offers Boijmans TV series as well as a number of unusual and remix films, such as the animated tour through the museum by Jan Rothuizen.

The video, entitled "Why is it so quiet here?," portrays a visit to Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen through the eyes of the artist and reveals the thoughts that go through his head (see below). arttube

Future plans
According to GalleristNY, ARTtube project leader Sandra Fauconnier announced that the five museums are currently working together to produce a video series entitled "We Love Art," about the role and the value of art in people’s lives. The series will be online in early 2013.

ARTtube aims to attract a half million visitors per year by 2014. The museums will promote it in various ways: via the website, social media, digital television, and screens in public spaces.


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