Amsterdam municipality cancels New Year’s fireworks shows

Amsterdam municipality cancels New Year’s fireworks shows

The municipality of Amsterdam has announced that, as a result of the high COVID-19 infection rate in the Dutch capital, the celebrations and fireworks displays planned for New Year’s Eve would not be going ahead. 

Municipality of Amsterdam cancels New Year's events

In a statement published on the municipality website, it was announced that the mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema had taken the decision to cancel both the central New Year’s celebration on Museumplein and the smaller fireworks displays across the city districts. 

“Due to the rapid increase in the number of coronavirus infections and hospital admissions, and the extra measures, the outlook is bleak,” the municipality wrote. “Because it is very uncertain how things will go is not responsible to continue with the preparations.”

Fireworks ban in place in the Dutch capital

Earlier this year, the municipality announced that Amsterdam would host a series of professional shows and events in order to make up for the city’s new ban on at-home fireworks. Plans involved a large-scale event on Museumplein which would feature fireworks, a light and laser show, and live music.

This marks the second year in a row that the municipality has taken the decision to cancel New Year’s Eve events in an attempt to limit the spread of coronavirus. The municipality has said it hopes this will be the last time that New Year’s Celebrations will be affected by the pandemic, and that the city will be able to ring in 2023 with celebrations across the city.

Dutch government introduces national firework ban

Meanwhile, on Friday the Dutch government announced that a nationwide firework ban would be in place once again this year. Government ministers hope the ban will help to limit the pressure placed on the Dutch healthcare system and emergency services.

While New Year's Eve typically sees upwards of a thousand firework-related injuries, last year's ban meant only 108 injuries were treated in Dutch hospitals, with a further 275 treated by GPs

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