Amsterdam to introduce four new electric ferries from 2024

Amsterdam to introduce four new electric ferries from 2024

In an attempt to make public transport in Amsterdam more sustainable and accessible, the municipality has announced that four new electric ferries will be used for services across the IJ from 2024 onwards.

Public transport in Amsterdam to be more sustainable and accessible

In a move to make public transport in the Dutch capital more environmentally friendly, the municipality and GVB are switching to more sustainable power sources. 

The ferries making trips between Amsterdam Centraal, NDSM, Amsterdam Noord, and Houthaven play a key role in the city’s public transport network, and as passenger numbers continue to grow - projections say there will be 13.500 travellers an hour by 2030 - the municipality is working to improve accessibility and connectivity in this part of the city. 

Municipality to introduce new electric ferries to Dutch capital

To accommodate an increase in travellers, the municipality will increase its fleet to 15 boats from 2024. In addition to this, some of the diesel-powered ferries will be replaced, and four of the 15 boats will be electric. 

The municipality has explained that, in time, all ferries in the Dutch capital will be emissions-free, and that the four new electric boats mark “a major step towards making the fleet more sustainable and fit within our ambitions when it comes to air quality in the city.”

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