Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2012 open application

Do you have a creative, independent, completely out of the ordinary performance that Amsterdam must see? If so, take the opportunity Amsterdam Fringe is offering you and register online until March 1!

How does it work?
 Read the criteria for application carefully
 Fill out the Application form Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2012
 Send any additional information before March 1 to: Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Postbus 3985, 1001 AT Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Or email to anneke[at]tf[dot]nl
 Practice your zen-skills until April 11, ‘cause that’s when they will start contacting the artists that made the cut for the 2012 edition

Amsterdam Fringe Festival
10 days // 80 theatre groups // 33 locations // performance, live art, (music) theatre, dance & uninhibited energy

About Fringe
The Amsterdam Fringe Festival is now entering its 7th year and runs from August 30 until September 9, 2012 on over 30 locations across Amsterdam. This Fringe focuses on performers that have a daring independent mind of their own and would like to show their work in an international context.

The Amsterdam Fringe cooperates with several Fringe Festivals across the globe and aims to enclose a worldwide connection between artists, arts industry professionals and festivals. This Fringe is artists driven. They ask a lot of energy and ambition, but they are also focused on giving you an inspiring context, while, at the same time, providing input and opportunities via workshops, guidance via the Art Industry Office, and a great creative atmosphere.



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