Relocating to the Netherlands: Discover The Hague

Relocating to the Netherlands: Discover The Hague

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Relocating to the Netherlands doesn’t always mean relocating to Amsterdam. There are a lot of other places to explore. Crown Relocations takes a closer look at why so many people are choosing to move to The Hague.

The Hague is a lively city within the Netherlands, full of rich history. It has many grand and beautiful gothic buildings, such the Binnenhof, which is still being used by the Dutch Parliament today. Still deciding where to relocate? Consider this great city!

The Dutch political capital

The capital of the province of South Holland is steeped in political history. As the home of the Dutch government and many international courts, such as the International Court of Justice, it’s easy to see why The Hague is frequently referred to as the “City of Peace and Justice”.

Picture perfect

Whilst its history can be a big draw for those looking to move to the area, another is the beautiful scenery you can expect to see. There are hundreds of picturesque buildings within The Hague, constructed during the medieval, renaissance and baroque periods. It is also the only major city within the Netherlands that has a beach.

Expat community

The Hague attracts many expats looking to relocate every year. These range from legal professionals and diplomats to entrepreneurs and freelancers. It has become a multicultural hub of expats from all walks of life. You are sure to find many like-minded people if you decide to move there.


As there is a strong international community in The Hague, you will find a lot of the schools cater to internationals as well. Most notable are the British School in the Netherlands, American School of The Hague and the German International School. They also have a great selection of public schools for you to choose from.

Close connections

For many, another benefit to moving to The Hague is the close proximity to other destinations, such as Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam. The city’s key location in the Randstad makes it easy to get to Schiphol for flights or visit Amsterdam for the day.

Things to do

Moreover, there are many things to see and do in The Hague. For example, you can visit the Binnenhof, the building that is at the centre of politics within the Netherlands. This was originally a mansion owned by Count Floris IV in 1229. It is now part of a complex of buildings used for the Dutch Parliament. This iconic building is the oldest continuously used parliamentary building in the world.

You can also see Noordeinde Palace, one of the three official homes of the Dutch royal family and the working palace of the reigning monarch, King Willem-Alexander. It is the centrepiece for many events, such as royal weddings. The palace is located next to one of The Hague’s best-known shopping areas. Where else in the world can you expect to shop next door to a palace? It makes for a grand shopping location, especially when the flag is flying high to indicate that the King is in the vicinity.

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