10 ways to enjoy summer in the Netherlands

10 ways to enjoy summer in the Netherlands

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Moving is only part of the adventure when it comes to relocating to the Netherlands. There are many incredible experiences awaiting you. Here are some excellent tips from Crown Relocations on what to do during the Dutch summer months:

Summer in the Netherlands is not only rain. So, what are your options when the sun is out? Here are 10 ways to enjoy yourself at this time of year!

1. Enjoy park life

The Netherlands has many beautiful parks and gardens for you to visit and explore throughout the year. One benefit of summer is that you also get to have picnics! Try Vondelpark in Amsterdam, for instance. You can even enjoy some live entertainment here, as it as an open-air theatre. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from June to August, there are a variety of performances to watch. And the best bit? The entrance is free!

Are you a movie buff? Make sure you check your local parks for movie nights. What’s better than watching a movie on a sunny evening in a beautiful park?

2. Explore by water

There are many ways for you to explore the Netherlands by water. For instance, you could rent a pedalo (waterfiets) for the day. Alternatively, if you would like someone else to be your guide, take a boat tour. There are many options available, depending on what you would like to see. If you’re looking for a more physical workout, why not try canoeing or kayaking?

One place worth a visit is De Biesbosch National Park, which has a number of river islands for you to enjoy.

3. Head to the beach

If you’re looking to get away from city life during your next free summer day, why not take a trip to the beach? Try Schiermonnikoog, one of the Frisian Islands, which has the widest beach in Europe, so you know that there is plenty of space for everyone.

4. Take part in festival season

Want to attend a festival or two this summer? Chances are there will be one for you in the Netherlands. More than 300 festivals take place throughout the year, with many occurring during the summer months. Mysteryland festival in Hoofddorp, for instance, features large, whimsical displays and live music from the world’s most popular DJs.

5. Go sightseeing

There is a never-ending list of things to see and do in the Netherlands, so take advantage of the sunshine and go see some of them! Did you know that the Netherlands has a pyramid? The Pyramid of Austerlitz was built in 1804 and is inspired by the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

You could also visit the highest waterfall in the Netherlands. The Loenense Waterval is part of an artificial canal dug in 1869 and was created to keep the water level of the canal equal throughout the year.

While it’s sunny outside, you should also visit the largest outdoor maze in Europe, Labyrint Drielandenpunt Vaalserweg. It takes roughly 40 minutes to complete. From its location near the highest point in the Netherlands, you can overlook not only the Netherlands but also Belgium and Germany.

6. Explore the outdoor markets

One of our favourites is the West Frisian market in Schagen, which is open every Thursday during the summer months. As you explore the market, you will be greeted by traditional dances, games and typical Dutch West Frisian costumes. Well worth a visit!

7. See the fireworks

Want something to do on those summer nights? Visit the Scheveningen International Fireworks Festival. This is a firework show as well as an international contest. Various countries compete to put on the best fireworks display for you to enjoy. The event attracts thousands of visitors, tourist and locals every year.

8. Enjoy live music

There is an endless amount of live music acts for you to see throughout the summer, depending on your taste and budget. One of these is Grachtenfestival, held on and around the canals of Amsterdam. This is a free live classical music festival. More than 250 concerts at 90 different locations will take place during the festival. So, you will not get bored easily!

9. Be a thrill-seeker

Why not visit one of the best theme parks in the Netherlands during the summer? One of the most popular ones in the Netherlands is the Efteling, a fairy-tale-themed amusement park based on traditional Brother Grimm fairytales, located in Kaatsheuval. Catering to both children and adults, there will be something for everyone. From fairytale forest displays and fire-breathing dragons to thrilling adrenaline-fuelled roller coaster rides.

10. Try skydiving

Want to try something a little different this summer? Try skydiving! There are a few places where you can live out your daredevil fantasy, such as Paracentrum Texel. With over fifty years’ experience, you’ll be in safe hands. Take in some incredible views as you soar across the Netherlands on your way down.

Think we missed something? Let us know what you plan to do this summer in the comments below!

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