Interior design trends for 2023

Interior design trends for 2023

Trends in interior design may not come and go as quickly as fashion trends, but something new always emerges to inspire us, whether we want to update our space, or we've just moved and are starting from scratch.

Grounding with earthy tones

Natural elegance will be a protagonist this year in people’s homes, as earthy colour tones and palettes are becoming super popular. After COVID-19, people learnt to re-evaluate their homes and treat them like sanctuaries. Calming earthy tones on the walls and in different textiles bring a grounded and calm aura and leave a large opportunity for experimentation with furniture and decorative items that tend to stand out.

Wellness reflected

Not far from the grounding idea, self-care and wellness are going to be reflected in interior design visually, and not due to a lack of space or storage. Instead of folding and hiding your yoga mat, create a training corner and combine it with some plants or candles. A nice rug for more comfort during training is always a good idea and creates a “room inside of a room” effect, which gives the illusion of depth and perspective.

Sustainable and green

This is not new; it will keep coming back - and stronger than before. Natural wood finishes are becoming increasingly popular as consumers look for products that have minimal environmental impact. At the same time, items made of vintage and recycled materials are small makeovers that achieve a biophilic interior design.

70s flashback

Among the earthy tones mentioned above, there are the brown, red and oranges of terracotta. Remind you of vintage movie frames? Now also consider furniture with soft angles and curves, as well as low lighting with mushroom-type lamps. The 70s will return this year and will radiate warmth and comfort.

Personality on display

Antiques, paintings, statement pieces, books and albums, sculptures and records are being displayed this year for everyone to admire, ask and learn about. It is all about sharing your cherished interests, giving a pragmatic glimpse of your personality to the world. Your house is not just cement; it has a soul and most of the time it resembles yours.

What we will not be seeing in 2023

This year we are saying farewell (and please don’t come back) to:

  • All black and white (and grey…) interiors.
  • Floating shelves.
  • Dominant glasses and metals.
  • Fast-fashion furniture.
  • Farmhouse aesthetic (it’s burned out).
  • Extra-royal aesthetic (was that ever cool?).

Breathe in, breathe out

What are we left with this year? 2023 is the year we take a deep breath in and out. The statement of serenity, calmness, wellness and openness is pretty clear and will definitely be reflected in many homes!

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes


Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

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