[Video] The main cliches about the Netherlands

[Video] The main cliches about the Netherlands

What comes to your mind when you think about Dutch cliches? You might conjure up images of wooden shoes, tulips and windmills and the city of Amsterdam, but how much does this actually reflect reality?

The truth about the Netherlands

If you were to ask someone from outside the Netherlands what the country is like, more often than not they will start listing off platitudes, which you will have undoubtedly heard before. “Oh, the windmills are beautiful,” they might say, or, “they wear wooden shoes!” but how much of this is actually true?

Well in this video, a Youtuber decides to put Dutch cliches to the test by travelling to the Netherlands in order to see how many of these cliches actually have some truth to them. So, if you have ever wanted to know whether the Dutch actually wear clogs, or if Amsterdam really is the best place to experience the Netherlands, then check out this video!

Source: Tolt around the world

William Nehra


William Nehra

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