Is the tech world the right career path for you?

Is the tech world the right career path for you?

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Gone are the days when working was all about single pathways. Nowadays we have so many more options open to us. Edo Molhoek Wild Code School discusses changing career paths, and the realities of choosing a future in tech. 

It used to all be about the planning. From elementary school into high school, everybody was asked, which electives should you choose? Which will you drop? After you graduate, what will you do next? Will you prepare yourself for working life by studying at a college or going to university? Getting a job usually meant working in the same field or line of work - and probably even for the same employer - right up until retirement.

Sounds old fashioned, right? But just one generation before us, this was the reality most people experienced. Let's not even get started on what our grandparents' generation faced.

It is quite particular if you think about it. How on earth do you know, before you even become an adult, how to organise the rest of your working life, without ever having experienced it?

The current normal

However, today’s reality is completely different - fortunately! Nowadays it is not wrong - it is actually quite normal - to not know exactly what you want, to change your job or even your direction. There is so much choice out there. Why stick to that single direction if you can also experience others? You probably have multiple talents as well. Why not use them?

We are all humans, and we evolve through experience. Along the way, our self-awareness grows and gradually we are able to set ourselves free from the expectations we are supposed to meet. 

Reflection and courage

The current coronavirus crisis is inevitably a time of (forced) reflection for many people. They start thinking about the changes they want to make in their lives. Do I still follow my heart (or my head), or am I ready for a new challenge?

Personally, my job involves helping many people who want to take their lives in a completely new direction. It takes courage to start something that puts you in a precarious state of uncertainty. I admire the courage of all my students. I believe, and have seen, that courage is often rewarded with positive outcomes. Once you choose a (fresh) new start, something that is closer to your heart and your own path, it creates a certain drive and enthusiasm, which ensures quality and cannot go unnoticed.

As a developer

When people choose to become a developer, they enter the tech world, which is a world that changes very quickly. You should become seasoned at working in a range of settings and, more often than not, you need to work with colleagues, across countries, time zones, and even continents. So you should be adaptable, autonomous, and flexible to achieve this. As you can imagine, this comes with experience, not only education.

These days, it is essential for developers to have both digital and soft skills. Proactiveness and communication are not only essential skills for the tech industry, but also for discovering opportunities in challenging situations.

What is your path?

Whatever you choose, at least choose to follow your heart. I have experienced different paths, both successful and unsuccessful, before I ended up where I am now, helping people who choose a new direction. I made some mistakes in the past but I am glad I did. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have ended up in my present role. I wish you that same experience as well. Every now and then it will be a rocky road, but I believe that is part of life.

If you have questions about your career path in general or are already considering a future in tech, get in touch with Wild Code School. They're happy to set up a meeting and discuss your options. 



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