Wild Code School Amsterdam: Free scholarships for women

Wild Code School Amsterdam: Free scholarships for women


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How to become a web developer in Amsterdam

“Learn to code” could be one of today’s mantras. Apps are all around us, so knowing how to code is good advice for those who want to be a part of this digital age. But where to start? We are happy to share that Wild Code School opens the doors of its Amsterdam campus in January 2020.

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Anyone can code

Coding is no longer something just for geeks. With courses like Wild Code School, anyone can launch a career as a developer. Wild Code School has been teaching and refining its courses for the past seven years in 11 countries, seeing thousands of students graduate and head into their new jobs. And having over 20 campuses already in Europe, Wild Code School is now about to open in the Netherlands.

Wild Code School’s first campus in the Netherlands is in a former school building in Amsterdam, an inspiring and exciting space to learn a lot and meet new people. Courses at Wild Code School Amsterdam teach you to become a web developer or data analyst with no prerequisite except your own motivation.

The first full-time course in Amsterdam is the Web developer training course. It helps you to become a developer in five months and learn to code in Javascript, PHP or Java. The programme is a combination of classes, workshops and e-learning, all of which teach you everything you need to know to join a company as a web developer.

During the 5-month training period, you will complete projects with real companies and create your professional portfolio on GitHub. You will learn to master agile project management methods and the collaborative tools used in all tech companies.

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Amsterdam needs (female) developers

Wild Code School offers full scholarships for women who want to learn how to code!

The choice for Amsterdam as the first Wild Code School location in the Netherlands is not a big surprise. After Paris and London, the metropolis of Amsterdam is the largest region in Europe for professional developers. And although it already accommodates around 215.000 developers, it still isn’t enough for all the big tech companies and startups in the region. They just need more developers.

The founder and CEO of Wild Code School is Anna Stépanoff, who has multiple degrees, including a BA from Harvard and a PhD from the Sorbonne. And as you might expect from a female-founded company, Wild Code School is very supportive of women in tech, providing full scholarships for women who want to learn how to code. The Wild Code School campus in Amsterdam offers five full scholarships for women wanting to start the programme in January.

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International network

By choosing the Wild Code School in Amsterdam, you’re joining a huge European network of alumni. This network offers great opportunities to meet new people and a professional network across tech companies in Europe. Wild Code School has its own in-house messaging system to talk to fellow students and alumni.

Fun fact; a class exchanges an average of 100.000 messages during their course, talking about tutorials, tools, hacks, jobs, or just deciding who is bringing what for afternoon drinks.


A year after graduation, 87% of Wild Code School students are employed as developers. Imagine that a year from now, you are working as a developer at one of the great tech companies in the Netherlands or abroad. Wild Code School

Ready to take the plunge and learn to code? Here you go!



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