Wild Code School helps you start your career in tech

Wild Code School helps you start your career in tech


Become a developer now at Wild Code School Amsterdam!

Why you should become a developer

Are you an expat considering a future-proof career change? You should consider becoming a web developer - one of the most in-demand jobs in the current job market.

These days, web apps are all around us and the demand for them will only continue to grow in the future. Could you be the developer who will create these apps?

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Coding is for everyone

Become part of the digital age and apply for the full-time Web Development course at Wild Code School Amsterdam. No worries, coding is not only for geeks or people with IT backgrounds. Anyone can learn how to code with the right mindset and motivation.

The web development course trains you to become a full-stack developer in five months. The programme combines lectures, projects, workshops, hackathons and e-learning to teach you everything you need to know to start working as a web developer after the training.

During these five months, you will complete projects with real clients (partner companies) and create your professional portfolio on Github. Wild Code School prepares you for working in tech companies, using agile methodologies, and industry-standard collaborative tools.



Amsterdam lacks developers

Amsterdam is just one of the many cities with a Wild Code School campus. Why? After London and Paris, the metropolis of Amsterdam is the third-largest region of professional developers in Europe. Over 200.000 developers are working here already, but many tech jobs remain unfilled, forcing companies to recruit developers from countries outside of the Netherlands. Let these tech companies recruit you instead!

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International network

When you join Wild Code School, you become part of a huge European network of alumni. You will meet new people and build a professional network across tech companies all over Europe. You will use Slack to communicate with your fellow students and alumni and share posts about tools, hacks, tutorials, jobs or just-for-fun stuff. You can expect around 100.000 messages being shared with you throughout your training ;-)

What happens when you graduate?

Six months after graduation, 87% of Wild Code School students are employed as developers. Imagine that in a year from now, you are working as a developer at one of the top tech companies in the Netherlands or abroad. What is stopping you?

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Optimise your time and learn how to code today

The Amsterdam Campus Manager Edo Molhoek is available to meet you if you have any questions. Just send him an email and he will get back to you shortly.

If you would like to learn more about coding and see if a future in tech is right for you, consider joining the remote Starter Course first. In just one week (40 hours), you will learn the basics of HTML and CSS and build your own website. If you like what you learn, you’ll be prepared to take the next step in your career with their full-stack Web Development course starting in September.

Are you convinced yet? Start your journey to becoming a developer now!

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