Strike may disrupt Amsterdam Central train services during Monday rush hour

A work stoppage by dissatisfied NS workers could lead to delays at Amsterdam Central station on Monday evening, according to reports from newspaper Het Parool.

Evening rush hour potentially affected

From 5-7pm on October 31, NS employees including train drivers and ticket inspectors will hold a "work meeting" to discuss dissatisfaction about a number of internal issues at the Dutch national rail operator.

Issues to be raised include the unpopular assignment of rail staff to fixed routes, and a breached agreement regarding the number of ticket inspectors on double-decker trains.

Although initiated by NS employees, the work meeting is independent from FNV, the trade union covering NS workers.

Response from NS

NS has appealed to its employees to raise their concerns internally, without causing inconvenience to passengers. It is not yet known, however, how many rail staff will interrupt their scheduled working hours to take part in the meeting.

NS recommends for commuters travelling to or through Amsterdam Central station to take the potential disruption into account and to pay extra attention to schedule changes online and at stations.

Source: Het Parool

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